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Suzuki Samurai
Doorless Mirror Brackets
Easy to install mirror brackets for your Suzuki Samurai when you want to go doorless anytime!

CNC Plasma-cut from 1/8" steel, these stout doorless mirror brackets allow you to remove your doors anytime you want without worrying about your mirrors.

These brackets have a black texture powdercoated finish.  
They use the existing hinge hardware and hinge hole locations.
Includes screws to mount mirror to bracket.
Easy to install - see the instructional photos and directions below.

These instructions assume you have already cut your door hinge to allow you to remove the door.
Mirror not included

Remove existing mirror hardware
Remove mirror
Remove door and hinge hardware
Give it some elbow - grease
Complete - with and without door
Mount in hinge location
Mount mirror to bracket
the product review on our doorless mirror brackets and our light mounts that can be used with them by Bill Johnston for
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